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Beyond Classrooms  
Thematic class presentations involve the participation of the entire class, whose objective is to boost confidence and self-worth among the children. Essay writing, recitation, music, dance and art competitions are a regular feature where children get valuable exposure under the guidance of teachers. Physical Health Education plays an important role in the education process and hence is well balanced in their curriculum. It is an inter disciplinary programme involving children in PT exercises and games integrating their learning of Mathematic and Geography. The school inculcates moral values in every child. Moral Education is a part of the curriculum. Mass Havans are organized at regular intervals..

Making Noble Human Beings
Children are sensitized about their environment and how they can contribute to save some scarce natural resources like water, Air etc. Saplings are planted by children on Van Mahotsav Day emphasizing the importance of trees in our lives.
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Shivnarayanpur, Bhagalpur
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