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Name of the Training Programme :Creating Interest in Learning Social Science
Date : 18.04.2015 to 19.04.2015
Venue : DAV Public School, Mathurapur
Number of Participants :30
Resource Person :Mr. S.Bhujwal,Mr. Manish Kumar & Mr. Kundan Kumar
The workshop was started with reciting of the Gayatri Mantra.  The school principal Mr. Kunwar Singh gave the welcome addresses to the master trainers and the participants. Master trainers started the session with the introduction of the topic “Creating Interest in Learning Social Science”.  They organized the participants in five different groups and gave the topic ‘Election’ to prepare a lesson plan. All the groups became engage in preparing the lesson plan.  They used different methods for creating interest in teaching the mentioned topic in the classroom.
Supposing the workshop place as classroom some of the group members were told to nominate their names for being elected as monitor or monitoress.   They were given the time to make rosy promises to the students (participants).  They made many promises and on the basis of their promises the group members voted.   On the date of the counting Mr.X was declared as the monitor as he got 20 votes out of 30.  Similarly, in all other sessions quiz activities, group discussion, debate etc were organized and participants were motivated to recall these activities in their classroom while teaching to create interest in learning social science.
The workshop gave a platform for the teachers to interact, mingle and share their ideas for making teaching learning process better.  They promised to use all these tools and methods in their classroom for an interesting and effective teaching of social science.
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